What an EPC rating is and how you can improve it

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What is an EPC rating? 

An EPC rating is a review of the energy efficiency of a property. It provides information about the energy use and typical energy costs of a property, allowing prospective tenants to quickly see how much energy bills will cost. Its also a useful way for landlords to improve efficiency and energy costs. 

An EPC is based on: 

  • The energy is a property uses
  • The level of a property’s CO2 emissions 

How to get an EPC rating 

Accredited assessors will have to carry out a survey of your property, and produce a certificate. This certificate will then be valid for 10 years.

The EPC scale 

One an assessment has been carried out, your property will be placed on a colour-coded scale ranging from A to G

A is the most efficient, with the cheapest energy bills.

G is the least efficient. 

EPC ratings and the law 

You must obtain a rating for potential tenants before you look to rent out your property. Failing to do so can lead to significant fines.

A new law that came in from April 2018 made it illegal to rent out a private-sector property with an energy rating lower than E. Landlords renting out properties with a lower rating than this could have to pay a £4000 fine. 

How to improve your EPC rating 

There are several steps you can take to improving your property’s rating. Doing these will bring your property’s energy costs down and make it more comfortable to live in, so making it more marketable. 

  • Swapping in single-glazing for double-glazing. 
  • Getting loft and wall insulation. 
  • Upgrading an old boiler. 
  • Installing more efficient lighting. 
  • Draught-proofing your property. 
  • Sealing open chimneys. 
  • Insulating your hot water cylinder. 
  • Installing renewable energy sources like solar energy. 

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