7 easy ways to protect your rental property during the winter

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Christmas might have been unseasonably warm, but you shouldn’t get complacent. Last year, the UK had snow across the country as late as April, and right now its entering a new cold snap that might last for months.  

While common-sense tells you to wrap yourself in hats, coats and scarves to stave off the cold, the solution to protecting your rental property during the winter might not seem so simple.

Extreme weather makes buildings very vulnerable during the winter months, which is why below we’ve given you 7 easy ways to protect your property from the winter. Following these tips could save you a season full of hassle and expensive repairs.

1. Check your pipes

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Outdoor pipes are most vulnerable, while pipes in unheated areas and in vacant houses are also at risk in the cold. Water freezing in pipes can cause them to expand and burst, causing costly property damage. 

Stay ahead of the game by checking for cracks in your pipes and insulating them with cheap and easy-to-fit foam insulation. 

2. Unblock gutters

Blocked gutters can cause water to build up, which could lead to damp, ceiling leaks or burst pipes. This makes it hugely important to check all gutters on your property are free of debris and dirt. 

3. Check the roof

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Loose parts of the roof and chimney can come off during stormy weather and cause significant damage. It’s therefore wise to check the roof for any broken and cracked parts. 

4. Service your boiler

Efficient boilers reduce the risk of your property having major issues during winter. Repairing a boiler can be a huge and unexpected expense, especially when it has to be done during an emergency call-out. 

By running checks before the cold kick in will let you solve any potential issues and stop them becoming major problems. Bleeding radiators throughout a property can also help heating systems work more efficiently. 

5. Insulate!

Search for cracks and gaps across door and window edges, and on exterior walls. These can be fixed quickly and easily using insulation strips or sealant. By insulating better, your property will retain heat more efficiently, and so it will stay in better condition. 

6. Inspect vacant properties

Properties left vacant over the winter period are at the most risk of damage. Make sure you conduct routine inspections to ensure the pipes and heating are okay. It might even be a good idea to turn of the water and drain pipes if the property will be vacant for a while. 

7. Talk to your tenants 

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Your tenants will be the first to find any issues, and so its important they know what to do if they come across problems. Make sure they know the simple steps they can take to prevent issues, like not leaving their heating off for long periods of time. 

…and you’re set! 

Whether your hate the cold with a passion, or you’ve already built your sledge in anticipation of the snow you’re hoping for, damage to your property during wintertime is not what any landlord wants. By following these 7 easy steps, you can quickly and easily protect your property from the cold. This will let you maximise your rental income and minimise your repair costs.

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