4 common landlord types and what to expect from them

4 common landlord types and what to expect from them

Have you ever had a landlord ignore your emails when the boiler broke? Or maybe your old landlord used to turn up at your house weekly to check everything was okay? Landlords have a huge impact on your tenancy, yet no two are the same. Below are 4 types of landlord you might encounter and how they’ll effect your rental experience.

The Accidental Landlord

These landlords have stumbled into becoming private landlords because of the unstable housing market. The disadvantages of having an accidental landlord are that they don’t really know what they’re doing and will be slow to fix any problems. On the upside though they’ll probably be too disorganised to care about late rent payments or coffee stains on the carpet.

The Professional Landlord

The very opposite of the accidental landlord, these guys own tons of properties. They are part of a 2.5 million strong buy-to-let landlord community in the UK. Their vast experience and knowledge of the rental market make them easy and efficient to deal with.

But what’s the catch? 

Each tenant is just a number to them, and its likely you’ll lose when it comes to arguments over who has to change the light-bulb. 

Helpful Tip: Find out here what a landlord’s responsibilities are when it comes to getting things done around the house.

The Spare-Space Landlord 

We all know one of these. Looking to make extra money, they have squeezed a bed into their old office or shepherded their kids off to university so they can rent out the spare room.

As a tenant you’ll be living with the landlord, and so its crucial that you get on. If you do though, this type can turn out to be one of the best. Communicating with them is easy and they’ll always be on hand to help out with DIY.

The Overseas Landlord 

Non-resident landlords will probably manage their properties through agencies and so as a massive bonus you aren’t going to have to worry about your landlord turning up unexpectedly when you’re hungover in your pyjamas. There might be communication problems due to time differences and language barriers, but these can be overcome by using sites like Rentalist to make renting easier.

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