SMALL SPACE: How to make the most of a small house/room

Make sure to have vertical lines

This will make your walls look taller, and if walls look taller, the room looks way bigger… trust us.

Storage, storage, storage

There are endless possibilities when it comes to dual-purpose furniture; from sofa beds to chairs with bookshelves in, you just need to use your imagination. For example, a vintage trunk easily doubles as a coffee table with added storage room. 
IKEA also sell a lot of pieces designed for small-space living, such as this amazing 2 in 1 lamp/stool combo.

Use bright colours, mostly white

Remeber how everyone says that they want to wear black because it makes them look thinner? Also, they hate wearing white because it has the opposite effect. That is why you should use white as a home colour. It makes everything look bigger.

All white is a fail-safe space enhancer, but there are so many ways to do it. Here soft neutrals add just the right amount of warmth, while the minimal wall decorations draw the eye to the window and the view beyond. The neat built-in wall unit keeps clutter tucked out of sight behind slick drawer fronts, creating a serene mood.


There’s no rule that says you can’t push furniture up to a window. This bed is tucked neatly at the end of this small loft, rather than blocking the center of the room. Vertical blinds have been made to measure for privacy and to block daylight, and the window offers great reading light in the mornings.


Creating the illusion of space with mirrors is a classic trick that works every time. Perfect for smaller bedrooms, a mirrored wall will visually double the space. This one does the job in style, its high position keeping the effect subtle and the antiqued surface looking elegant.

More,  here.

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