Higher rent for your property. How to get the best price

Higher rent for your property. How to get the best price

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Clean the property really well

We’ve all seen properties which have seen better days. According to recent studies, the rental properties which have recently been cleaned professionally may stand a better chance of getting a higher rent.

What to do? Either hire a professional team or do it yourself. Get some good products and clean EVERYTHING. You will probably thank yourself after that.


One of the best things to do is to give a fresh lick of paint, mostly in a neutral colour. Of course, it would be great if you could to some flooring too, but don’t worry, as long as they are clean, everything should be fine.

Try to focus on the kitchen and the bathroom. Most renters will focus on that when seeing the property.

Ask a specialist about colours and materials. It is really important to get them right.

Take professional pictures

This should be one of your priorities. Better pictures will make you achieve a higher rent. It has been proved by so many experiments, don’t even think about not doing it.

Iphone pictures should work, but if you really want that nice touch, hire a team to do it for you. It will cost you no more than 40 GBP and you will definitely get more than that as a profit.

Allow pets

It is already known that houses or flats which are pet-friendly are considerably more expensive. Now we are not saying that you should allow every furry friend, but a trained one will not do any bad to your home. YOu ca also protect it with a good contract, saying that every damage made by the animal will be payed. 

You can increase the rent by 20, even 40% if you allow animals.

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