BEST  letting agent. How to tell the one that is right for you

BEST letting agent. How to tell the one that is right for you

There are thousands and thousands of “best” letting agents on the market. Too many? Never. With the market increasing each day and each minute, it is important to have the best letting agent for you. So what makes your letting agent be the one for you?

First, he has to be compliant with all the regulations and laws.

A BBC investigation found that in 2016, letting agents helped themselves to more than £1m from tenants’ deposit schemes – leaving landlords without protection for their investment. The problem appears to be growing with The Property Reporter finding in the first few months of 2018, £750,000 has already been stolen by crooked letting agents.

Everything they do must be for your own safety.

Including the deposit protection schemes. Because this is a relationship of trust. And trust needs to be earned. However, that’s not enough if you do want the best letting agent…

Every agent will maybe start with only or almost every good intention for you. Find you a great house, at a great price. That is, if they care at all. Will you trust them that they will show you everything they got? Hopefully.

They need to prove to you that they are protecting you. This is why they need to know the Law. They need to know and read every new piece of article that comes out so that they are able to find what works best for you. Furthermore, they need to find the best way to protect your deposit, the rights that you have, and also help you have the best and most comfy landlord-renter relationship.

Because that’s what we do. We help each other. We help you make a house into a home, and help your landlord have a family for their beloved house.

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